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Legacy Testimonials

Your Games Have Impacted My Life – Henry Wegener

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“I was 9 years old when I played Riddle of the Sphinx at my grandparents’ home for the first time.  My mom even played it as well, and we both enjoyed figuring out the puzzles and helping each other when we were at a ‘dead end.’ I greatly admire your team’s dedication to detail and quality.  It really is amazing what such a small team can do.  Your games have impacted my life.” – Henry Wegener

Thanks For Inspiring Me – AJ

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“I had emailed you once when I was a kid, with my elaborate plans to create an immersive ‘Omega Stone ride’ in my garage. I had purchased props at a yard sale to recreate Gil’s tent from the first game and everything. It was quite ambitious and unrealistic, and I look back on that conversation now as quite embarrassing; but hey, at least 12-year-old AJ had big dreams. Thanks for inspiring me & for all you do.” – AJ